Boho Dream Feather Charm Anklets

Rs. 1,710.00

Taking time off from this vicious circle of materialistic life and step into the world of possibilities , Alokki Boho dream collections is an ode to remind them that one day , every women  will rise off the struggles  and remainder to her  to dream ,dream and make those dreams become a reality to think freely.. Chunky yet elegant, this dream catcher earring reflects the magnum opus dreams of every woman. The feather charm design represents the challenges and hurdles that come in a woman's way and symbolizes good over evil.

  • Sterling silver
  • Total Weight - 5.7 g
  • Designed to be comfortable and easy to wear
  • Total Length =8"+2" inches Adjustable
  • Feather Motif Length =13mm
  • Feather Motif Width =4mm