Product Care


Sterling Silver Jewellery Care 

Sterling Silver Jewelry

One of the best pieces of advice to keep the lustre and beauty of sterling silver jewelry is to keep them clean and dry. Whether it is a ring, bracelet or set of earrings, exposing sterling silver jewelry to any type of creams, chemical products, lotions, perfumes, oils or  water is an undeniable accelerator of tarnishing.

Metals like brass, copper or bronze will oxidize and see their colour changing (verdigris) gold platings will chip. So  always remove your jewelry before applying cream, perfume or washing your hands. Limiting the greenish traces that some sterling silver jewelry leaves on the skin is also essential.


Sterling silver is usually not meant to be worn every day. Therefore, if you wear the same jewellery pieces daily, you might see discolouration coming quickly. To preserve the life of your jewelry, change it as often as possible by varying the outfits.

General Care

It is also essential to remove them at the end of the day. Never sleep with sterling silver jewelry on; it is a sure way to damage it, make it tarnish more quickly or even break it.


Clean or wipe them down with a soft cloth to remove any product residues and sweat that accelerates oxidation. Avoid at all costs cleaners that contain acid.


In jewelry boxes, pouches or loose in a drawer.